About Us

Exceeding expectations, building relationships…..

ECI builds condominium and apartment buildings (ranging in size from 4 units to 200 units), schools, churches, synagogues, community centers, automotive dealerships, restaurants and retail stores, commercial buildings, and office interiors. We have completed millions of square feet of commercial construction and more than 5,000 residential homes. We have been operated by the same principals and headquartered in Rockville, MD since our inception.

ECI is a multi-generational business, founded in 1974 by John Eichberg. Our team is guided by Mr. Eichberg’s code of personal ethics and inspired by his dedication to ECI and his clients and employees. CEO John Doyle joined in 1979 and President Jay Eichberg came aboard full time in 1989. So the three principals have a combined tenure of 100 years at Eichberg Construction. Project Executives Kevin Connelly and Dan Kolakoski joined in 2003 and 2004, and Ian McDonald joined in 2015 and manage ECI’s staff of project managers, assistant project managers and site superintendents. Executive Coordinator Debbie Rodgers joined in 2007 and helps keep ECI running smoothly.

ECI’s strategy has remained consistent across the decades: work tirelessly to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver quality work. We build efficiently and collaboratively with the owner and the design team, always with our focus on quality. We are honest and diligent; our reputation is everything. Proof of that is demonstrated in one simple fact: During the first 40 years of our firm’s existence, completing more than 1,900 construction projects, we have never been involved in litigation with a client, and only once had to use arbitration to collect a debt. When we fall short, we take responsibility and make things right. In the construction industry, it’s rare that relationships survive through consecutive projects. There are many pitfalls that can tangle even the friendliest owner/builder/architect teams in bitter dispute. We have stayed out of trouble by doing excellent work and communicating freely with our clients to avoid dispute. We put ourselves in their shoes and treat owners and architects like we want to be treated.

How do we achieve excellence:

  • We pay our subcontractors promptly; we are fair to our subcontractors and treat them as an extension of us….because they do the heaviest lifting.
  • The same effort we put into building relationships with our clients, we also put into our employees, and it shows in project meetings and on the site. We bring into our family of staff the finest people with our shared ethics, temperament and consistent drive to please our customers. Our staff has tenure here that is much longer than the industry average. Click on the “people” button and notice the durations. When you hire ECI, you hire a family of committed professionals who share a common goal, live by a common ethic, and perform to a high standard that’s been ingrained for more than 40 years. More often than not, people do not leave ECI, they retire from ECI.
  • We assign each project to the right project manager, and we support the project manager with a team of professionals;
  • We communicate: we share information freely, we meet often, and we always issue constructive meeting minutes;
  • We use state-of-the-art tools, including Procore, a web-based project management portal that brings all participants together to collaborate efficiently.
  • We draft good schedules and update them regularly, projecting potential delays as far in advance as possible;
  • We finish. No matter what obstacles we face, we forge ahead and we never quit. In 40 years, we’ve never wavered.

During the pre-construction phase, we focus on….

  • Exceeding the client’s expectations, so this is not the last project we build for them;
  • Drafting detailed, accurate budgets that can be relied upon by the developer and design team;
  • Developing detailed preliminary schedules that give the developer an accurate duration assumption to report to stake-holders;
  • Assisting the design team in selecting equipment, materials and systems that meet the budget;
  • Assigning a project team that is perfectly suited for the project;
  • Attracting the best subcontractors;
  • Creating a Guaranteed Maximum Price that meets the budget, provides the client with the project they dreamed of, and limits change orders.

During the construction phase, we focus on…

  • Exceeding the client’s expectations, so this is not the last project we build for them;
  • Providing the highest quality construction;
  • Creating a safe and orderly project site;
  • Meeting the schedule;
  • Limiting the punch list and creating a project with no warranty issues;
  • Proper project documentation.

During the warranty phase, we focus on….

  • Exceeding the client’s expectations, so this is not the last project we build for them.
  • Quickly and efficiently correcting any issues that arise.